Verdemax was created in 1986 from an idea of Romano Bellamico, founder of the company Rama Motori, about distributing new products for gardening. Here are the main milestones:
- the 80s: Import from the United States and distribution of gardening products, including the "leaky pipe" a special transpirant hose for micro-irrigation;
- 1986: creation of the first new patented articles, under the brand name Verdemax;
- 1992: The activities move from Reggio Emilia to dedicated new headquarters in Boretto;
- 2002: All products start to be distributed and branded exclusively as Verdemax;
- 2003: Creation of the first Verdemax corners for the best Garden Centers of Italy;
- 2008: Expansion of the warehouse surface to 10,000 square meters;
- 2009: Verdemax obtains FSC certification